Manohari Singh, Kersi Lord & Ustad Rais Khan

18 November 2006, Manek Sabhagrah, Bandra, Mumbai


Manek Sabhagriha, Mumbai witnessed a rare musical event on 18th November 2006 - The coming together on stage of three legendary musical stalwarts - Manohari Singh, Kersi Lord and Ustad Rais Khan. The occasion endorsed organizing group Swar Aalap's dedicated commitment to the cause of promoting and supporting musicians - musicians who arranged and played for thousands of Hindi film songs, infusing their own fervor and zeal to create the enduring appeal that music lovers have grown and lived with. Shankar Iyer re-lives the charisma of the mega evening that had the 800-odd audience in rapt attention.

Music and songs have forever been an integral part of Bollywood films. Audiences have been wooed time and again by the ageless magic of innumerable celluloid melodies. Juxtapose this with the countless careers launched and the commercial successes of movies and you will for certain realize the invaluable contribution of songs in movies. Rightly enough, enormous praise and acknowledgement is due to the frontline performers involved - the movie director, the on-screen artistes, the singer/s lending the vocals, the songwriter and the music composer. Additionally though and perhaps more appreciably, one needs to bear in mind and recognize the role of hundreds of musicians - establishing a formidable part of the music composers' teams. It would only be fair to say that song lovers may never have experienced the same beautiful melodies had it not been for the individual passion, dedication and commitment of these back-stage musicians and instrument players.

Swar Aalap organized a stage show at Manek Sabhagriha, Bandra (west) on the 18th of November, bringing on stage acclaimed Sitar player Ustad Rais Khan, versatile arranger and multi-instrumentalist Kersi Lord and music director cum Saxophone maestro Manohari Singh. The idea was to showcase the artistic contribution of these three great behind-the-scene musicians to music lovers. The event's theme hinged on lucid chat sessions with the three artistes, presented along with live orchestral performance of their evergreen songs from Hindi films.

Vocalists for the evening comprised jingles cum TV serial singer, Rajesh Iyer, recording artiste and Gujarat Government's 'Best Playback singer for year 2004', Deepali Somaiya, P Balram who has sung for A R Rahman and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, playback singer Saurabh Shrivastav with his own distinct voice and popular orchestra and jingles singer, Beena Desai.

The instruments section featured John Timothy on the Electric Guitar, Milind Dhabolkar and Rajesh Wasta on the Keyboards, Sushant Katkar on the Piano Accordion, Pramod Sane on the Tabla, Orchestra conductor and Dholak player Girsh Vishwa, Percussionist Hafeez Khan, Anup Shankar on the Octapad and Dilip Rane on the Bass Guitar.