Homi Mullan & Ranjit Gazmer

21 July 2007, Mysore Association, Matunga, Mumbai


Mysore Association Hall, Matunga witnessed a special musical event on 21st July, 07 - Felicitation of Hindi films' multi-instrumentalist Homi Mullan and leading Nepali films music director & Maadal player Ranjit Gazmer. The occasion also saw ace drummer Franco Vaz taking stage to enthrall viewers. The episode embossed organizing group Swar Aalap's dedicated commitment to the cause of promoting and supporting musicians - musicians who played for innumerable film songs, imparting their own feeling and ardor to create the long-lasting appeal that music lovers have grown and lived with.

There has hardly been a phase in Hindi cinema when music and songs have not been the heart of films. Music lovers have, time and again, been hypnotized by the mesmeric charm of thousands of melodies that have become an inseparable part of their lives. Not only that, flip through the success stories of our film stars and you will clearly appreciate how enormous the contribution of music has been to Hindi movies.

However, just as every great concept needs brilliant execution to succeed, the song compositions could not have imbibed the final essence and character had it not been for the dedicated passion of hundreds of musicians behind the scenes constituting a formidable part of the music composers' teams. It would be just to say that music aficionados may never have lived through the same myriad ecstasies had it not been for the deft artistry of these 'back-stage' assistant music directors, arrangers, musicians and instrument players.

Born with the idea of showcasing the immense artistic contribution of two great musicians, the evening's theme centered on lucid chat sessions with Homi Mullan and Ranjit Gazmer, presented along with live orchestral performance of their evergreen songs from Hindi films.