Burjor Lord & Jairam Acharya

15 February 2009, Yashwant Natya Mandir, Matunga, Mumbai


Mumbai's Yashwantrao Natya Mandir, Matunga stood testimony to an exclusive musical event on 15th February 2009 - The celebration of two legendary musical stalwarts - Sitar maestro Jairam Acharya and versatile champion percussionist Burjor Lord. The occasion stamped organizing group Swar Aalap's passionate and unfailing dedication to the cause of Hindi film musicians - musicians who played for thousands of Hindi film songs and in turn lent their unlimited passion and energy to those musical gems, even several times making them their own. It was another evening to assert Swar Aalap's encouragement and support to cause of film musicians. Shankar Iyer encapsulates the event's magnetic appeal that had the audience in rapt attention.

Music and songs have eternally been an essential part of Hindi films. Film lovers have been enticed time and again by their everlasting magic. Place this along with the numerous careers launched and Hindi cinema's success stories and one will for certain realize the monumental contribution of songs in Hindi movies; songs that have imbibed the final spirit and soul thanks to the meticulous artistry of music directors, arrangers, musicians and instrument players.

An evening where possibly, 'Tradition met Improvisation' with the on-stage performances of veteran Sitar player Jairam Acharya andmulti-instrumental percussionist Burjor (Buji) Lord. The idea was to showcase the work of these two great behind-the-scene musicians to music lovers. The event's theme hinged on lucid chat sessions with the two artistes, along with live orchestra performance of their evergreen Hindi film songs.

Vocalists for the evening comprised senior singer Narendra Bhansali with 40 years of stage experience, singer and yesteryear Radio announcer Asmita, popular stage singer Saira Khan, Jaya Pawar, singer and daughter of Santoor player Piyush Pawar, melodious singer Sunil Menon, upcoming talented singer Unmesh Gole, Seema Loyalka and Kushal Gopalka. The well coordinated instruments section featured Manish Kulkarni (Bass Guitar), Ajay Madan (conduction and Guitar), Nitin Jadhav and Milind Dabholkar (Keyboards), Bipin Shirke (Drums), Deepak Borkar (Percussions), Mahesh Dangia (Tabla), Sushil Parab (Conga and Dholak), Aziz Mohammad (Dholak) and Allahrakha (Sitar). The Jaipur based Sitar player was specially called to play for the evening.