Ek Shaam Yaman Ke Naam

16 April 2016, Mysore Association Hall, Matunga, Mumbai


Ek Shaam Yaman Ke Naam


Raga Yaman, a fundamental raga in Hindustani Classical music tradition, is one raga that is said to encompass the emotions. It's easy flowing characteristic along with the thought to present it in an easy format brought team 'Swar Aalap' and 'Rewind HFM' together to conceptualise this show titled Ek Shaam YAMAN Ke Naam.

The evening kicked off with a short introduction of Raga Yaman (Lakshan Geet). This set basic premise of the raga and its essence. Nicely interwoven tales on the concept and importance of raga Yaman in Hindi Film Songs by compeers Dinesh Ghate and Subramanian Iyer progressed the show and built consistent ambience. One of the major highlight was enthusiastic involvement of audience by singing the male part of song 'Wo jab yaad aye hai'.

One other high point was famed percussionist Buji Lord (Burjor Lord) taking centre stage with live playing of the Mallet instrument Vibraphone, his playing heard in these songs: " Woh shaam kuchh ajeeb", "Woh jab yaad aaye", "Bhooli hui yaadon", "Saaranga teri yaad", "Aap ke haseen rukh pe" and "Chhupa lo yoon dil mein".

Classical manifestations of raga Yaman came about via a vocal - Saarangi Jugalbandi. Last but not the least, the popular Shringaar bhaav that forms a large part of Yaman-based compositions was well illustrated through songs "Chhaap tilak sab chheeni re" and "Damaadam mast kalandar".