Ramesh Iyer


Born: 23 March, 1951


Hindi film composers like Ghulam Haider, with his Punjabi folk music in the 1940s, and later C. Ramchandra, through introduction of recent western sounds in the 1950s, successfully added a variety of musical colors to songs. Trendsetter C. Ramchandra's favorites encompassed a wide gamut of instruments like the Harmonica, Bongo, Trumpet and Saxophone, which were also fondly patented by composers O P Nayyar, Salil Chowdhury and Shankar-Jaikishan in the 1960s.

With the dawn of the 1970s, more and more western sounds began to find a strong footing in Hindi film music. Composers like R D Burman showed great inclination to western instruments elevating the use of instruments like the Accordion and Harmonica. One such string instrument, the Guitar, also found liking among composers which brought to the fore-front many talented Guitar players like Bhanu Gupta, Bhupinder Singh, Charanjit Singh and Tony Vaz.

The mid 1970s saw the emergence of another talented Guitar player, Ramesh Iyer. Young Ramesh started by playing for music events and stage shows. He hit big time by joining the successful music teams of composers R D Burman and Kalyanji-Anandji. As one of their lead Guitar players, Ramesh Iyer lent his strumming ardor to adorn many of their memorable compositions. An Electrical Engineer by qualification, Rameshji has been an avid music student, constantly keeping himself updated of all modern developments in the field of sound and electronics.