Rashid Khan

Bulbul Tarang



When a handsome Rishi Kapoor, wearing a sparkling green sherwani, woos Neetu Singh, clad in a Burkha (sitting beside an irate Mukri), with a foot-tapping qawaali, the entire nation tapped its feet & clapped its hands with Mohammad Rafi's 'parda hai parda'. The song was a raging hit put Mohammad Rafi firmly back on the path of regaining popularity (that had mellowed down a bit in the past 6-7 years). However, ever before the release of the multi-starrer Amar Akbar Anthony, the nation knew every note of this song. One had to just hear the opening strains of the bulbul-tarang, a knowing smile would appear on the listener's face in anticipation of this energetic qawwali.

It highlights how crucial is the role of a particular instrument to boost a song's popularity. These instrumental-pieces are the crucial ornaments that beautify the tune make it timeless. The banjo interlude of 'kajraare kajraare' (Bunty Aur Babli) is perhaps the most easily identifiable portion of that mega-hit… or the banjo passages right through the mega-hit, Karma.

All these catchy pieces were played by Mohammad Rashid Khan, one of the most skillful Bulbul-tarang & Banjo players of our country. His first hit was 'parda hai parda' since then, there has been many a famous song that Mohammad Rashid Khan has embellished with his melodious banjo & bulbul-tarang.

Then, of course, after the success of 'parda hai parda' (Amar Akbar Anthony), there is hardly any famous qawwaali-s in our films in which Mohammad Rashid Khan has not displayed his skills.

People like Viju Shah, Daler Mehndi, Pankaj Udhas, the late Aadesh Shrivastav, Adnan Sami, etc are full of praise for this amiable artist.