S. Hazara Singh


Born: 1918
Died: 1971


Sardar Hazara Singh would be the best example of Talent-made personality. Born in Karachi in 1918, Hazara Singh Ji had an indecipherable desire to learn music. Little did he knew that his desire to just learn and be able to play different types of instruments will land him directly in Mumbai, where he got biggest opportunities of his life. Even after the partition of 1947, Hazara Singh Ji stayed in a guest house in Mumbai's Girgaon and worked vigorously towards his goal.

Now just a name in the musical museum, the Hawaiian Guitar used to be his biggest strengths. He not only played one of the most difficult instruments but created one as well. Hazara Singh Ji made a 2 string guitar and controlled it obviously like a pro. All he had in him was pure passion and that’s the reason why he couldn’t give his time to academics and kept practicing for hours. Although he had a soft corner for strings, he never refrained from trying other instruments as well. Hence, harmonium became his second favorite.

Music was all he had and music is all he gave, not only to the Indian music industry but also a part of his talent is passed on to his next generations. His son Thakur Singh is an exceptional saxophone player, an instrument, which will never lose its charm. Sardar Hazara Singh Ji has given a musical masterpiece in the form of mera naam chin chin chu and never stopped until his last movie 'Tamasha'. He was also the man behind the tunes of tareef karu Kya uski, that can make us dance even now, after all these years. Sadly, all good things come to an end we had to lose our genius musician too. Heart attack hit Sardar Hazara Ji in the year 1971 and he left this world behind him mourning for the loss. But the best part is, he will always be in our heart through his cheerful and full of life music.