Tony Vaz

Bass Guitar

Born: December 15, 1944
Died: June 29, 2007
Birth Place: Goa


With the advent of the 1970s, newer and newer western sounds began to find a strong footing in Hindi film music. Composers like R D Burman and Kalyanji-Anandji showed great inclination to gadgets from the West, often elevating the use of instruments like the Accordion and the Guitar. The bass Guitar, an equivalent of the contra-bass of the Violin family found in the earlier orchestras, was one such instrument that gained tremendous prominence during that era, thanks mainly to talented players like Charanjit Singh and Tony Vaz.

Offer your hearing sense organs to a multitude of the 1970s and 80s compositions to get a flavor of Tony Vaz's predominant Guitar playing style that effortlessly bedecked them. The baritone string sounds that mellifluously emanate during the period can be largely attributed to the exquisite capabilities of this champion artiste from Goa.

Tony Vaz's greatest quality was creating patterns; as he was very-well versed with the Indian song and rhythm. There have been many songs that have been made beautiful by his elegant playing style. Tony was also brilliant at creating counter-melodies in line with the song itself. He is said to have the unique ability to beautifully link up the whole orchestra with his innovative bass Guitar playing. It is no wonder that musicians and music-lovers across term Tony Vaz's Guitar playing as 'Out-of-the-ordinary'.